Warehousing & logistics services
Warehousing & logistics services


Flexible and efficient: outsourcing of warehousing logistics

Our specialists in the Sieber Group can professionally manage your warehousing logistics, allowing you to keep your infrastructures as lean as possible.

This service is customised to your specific needs. You no longer have to worry about expensive warehousing facilities or expanding capacity in time. You have immediate and easy access to ideal warehousing facilities and the relevant order picking systems. Outsourcing your warehousing logistics, including picking, packaging, labelling, and fulfilment, will make your operational processes a great deal more flexible and efficient.

Our state-of-the-art warehouse management solution has been designed to also allow the integration of your own goods management system. From your own location, therefore, you can keep control of your own “Sieber warehouse” at all times.

Together with its customers, Sieber also develops contract logistics solutions – thus investing in a sustainable future.


Our warehouse locations – always close to you

Distributed throughout all of Switzerland, we always have warehouse locations close to you. With more than 130,000 square metres of warehousing space and more than 150,000 pallet spaces, we can store and manage diverse goods – whether they are heavy goods, long goods, pallets or small parts. Because of their proximity to the borders, many Sieber sites are absolutely ideal for import deliveries of large loads for subsequent local distribution in Switzerland. The same of course also applies to our sites in the centre of Switzerland.

Information management

Everything is under control 

In the area of warehousing logistics also, we use state-of-the-art IT systems. Thanks to networked information systems that we developed in-house, our customers can obtain the current stock levels of their stored goods transparently via our Internet platform at any time. Of course, you will automatically receive a warning message if the stocks fall below a predefined minimum level. With Sieber, you have as much control over your warehouse as you would if it were your own.

Additional services

Additional Services

Flexibility that you need 

Our extended logistics services provide you with the flexibility that you need. You define your requirements and we fulfil them. Our reliable, flexible warehousing experts can professionally take over all of the additional warehousing logistics tasks, giving you the freedom to concentrate on your own core business.


When your delivery order comes in to us, it's all systems go. Assembling your products according to your requirements and within the agreed time is our ultimate objective, of which we seldom lose sight in our daily work. Whether you require individual order picking or a collective shipment, the logistics experts of the Sieber Group will prepare all of your orders for shipping efficiently and “just in time”. We then use our own transport resources or we commission CEP (courier, express, and parcel) service providers to deliver the packages.


We can package your goods in a particularly festive way for a Christmas campaign – even at short notice. We can also present your products in a special sales display to attract a much greater level of attention for your customers. Our options are as diverse as our customers.

We can revise, modify, or upgrade products at the request of our customers. 

  • New labels
  • Package inserts / operating instructions / certificates
  • New packaging / re-packaging
  • Special campaign packaging
  • Assembly work
  • Setup and replenishment of sales displays


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