sieber@home – Transport services with added value
sieber@home – Transport services with added value
Transport mit Mehrwert
Transport mit Mehrwert

For your customers on your behalf

New methods of ordering and forms of distribution via the Internet require innovative solutions. So that you can concentrate entirely on your core competencies, we offer delivery and provide extended services such as assembly and installation of furniture and machines for your customers on your behalf.

You can hand over to us almost all of the services for the end customer, knowing that they will be rendered reliably. When you do this, you can completely trust that our motivated employees, who receive training specifically oriented to the customer, will fully represent your interests and your company philosophy to your customers.

With our product sieber@home, we are in a position to provide training in individual processes and implement these throughout all of Switzerland.

The following services are included in addition to transport services:

  • Individual notification of each delivery to the end customer
  • Delivery to end customer (B2B and B2C)
  • Management of returns
  • Professional assembly, setup, and installation of furniture, devices, and machines
  • Collection and environmentally responsible disposal of packaging, old devices, and old furniture
  • Replenishment of sales displays at the POS
  • Filling of consumables, in production facilities for example
  • Individual transport solutions in hospitals

To ensure that these tasks are carried out reliably, we equip our employees with all of the necessary tools, and we instruct them according to your specifications and requirements.

You can combine our services in any way that you like. Just ask us about any logistics services that interest you.


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Head of Solutions Switzerland
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